Comedian, Basketmouth in Trouble For His rape joke, fans react with anger.

Popular comedian, Basketmouth has been known to cross uncomfortable subject boundaries when it comes to making jokes but it appears the likable funny has taken it a bit too far when he posted a joke on Facebook about rape.
On the post which he has since deleted, the comedian attempted to make a comparison between dating an African girl and a white girl, an attempt which touched a nerve going by the ferocity of social media reactions to his post.

After removing the offensive post Basketmouth went ahead to share a cheeky apology making a reference to the widely publicized #ChildNotBride campaign with the notorious Sen. Ahmed Sani Yerima as the butt of his joke.
Ok guys,I’m sorry bout the rape joke,I won’t crack such jokes again,I’ll just stick to jokes bout Men being …
— Basketmouth (@basket_mouth) January 5, 2014
As expected, this also got heated remarks on Twitter with reactions like this:
@basket_mouththat’s not funny either. Comedy doesn’t give you a blank check to say what you want.
— Tolu Adeleru Balogun (@reinaLydia) January 5, 2014
Basketmouth’s joke was so so stupid. Then he apologised in a foolish manner!
— Mojisola Showunmi (@rosieemjay) January 5, 2014
and this;
@basket_mouthThis is sick stuff. Silence is better than this sort of dismissive, disrespectful ‘apology’. Shame on you!!!
— tolu ogunlesi (@toluogunlesi) January 5, 2014
He is yet to respond to these backlash choosing to stay silent on the issue for now.
Watch the comedian joke about the same subject last February at the African Kings of Comedy show in Manchester’s The Birdcage nightclub.

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