Ejigbo Sodomy & Murder Inquiry: Oba Moruf, Iya Loja Summoned As Lagos Assembly Committee Submits Report

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Lagos State Assembly ad hoc committee released its report yesterday to the Assembly Speaker following its hearing over the torture and sodomy of three Ejigbo women.
The report follows a hearing earlier this month and will be released to the public next week.
The hearing came about after conflicting reports from the police and the chairman of Ejigbo local government, Kehinde Bamigbetan, about what happened to the women led to a public outcry and a demand for a full investigation. The hearing was attended by Ejigbo market women, clerics and community leaders and women rights groups led by Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, president of Women Arise.
The incident of sodomy and torture was captured on video first aired on Nigerian internet in February 2013. It shows a faceless gang attacking two women, unidentified, stripping them naked, and thrusting ground pepper and hard sticks into the genitals of one of them and covering her in a heavy liquid. A second victim, a teenage girl, was tortured as well. Subsequent reports have revealed a third female was also tortured.
At the public hearing not much was forthcoming from the public.
Ejigbo police DPO, Oliver Abbey, said the police did not know if the incident was committed in Ejigbo. Following the hearing, Abbey was transferred from Ejigbo police station.
By the end of the hearing, Chairman of committee, Ajibayo Adeyeye announced a financial reward of N1.25 million for any information leading to an arrest. The reward encouraged people to speak out.
SaharaReporters heard the Oba of Ejigbo, Moruf Adisa Ojoola met members of the committee following the hearing, and Iyaloja of Eligbo market accompanied by her husband also met with the committee.
SaharaReporters heard from several sources the crimes did happen in the Ejigbo market place, and market women did know what happened because the incident happened in front of of people.
The family at the center of the sodomy attack, the palm wine tapper, Freeman Agomah and his wife said there were three victims. It was their daughter, Juliana who was sodomized and died two months after from severe injuries including cuts to her breasts and piercing to an organ. Agomah’s wife was also tortured and her one year old child has subsequently died.
Freeman said he was also billed N150,000 by Babaloja aka Baba Saida but he pleaded the bill down to N50,000. Following the torture, Freeman’s house was demolished and he was banished.
Another source told SaharaReporters the perpetrators are still in Ejigbo saying one of the perpetrators goes by the moniker ‘Stainless’. And one of the suspected men lives in Oba Moruf’s place, riding around in a black jeep with vanity license plates for the Moruf’s household.
Three days ago, Dr. Frederick Fasheun, leader of the Odua People’s Congress released a public statement absolving his men from the crime, and he had asked them to join the hunt for the perpetrators.
A source said there is an expectation the Oba Moruf and the Babaloja, Baba Saida, will be asked about the monies from Freeman, and possibly indicted by police to reveal what they know about perpetrators when the report is released to the public next week.

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