NEW ARTICLE! Anti-Homosexuality Law And Foreign Threats: Wake Up Call For Nigeria! By Olatomirin Olabanji

President Jonathan Signed a Law Prohibiting Same sex marriage Last week and there have since been an uproar of Opinions. While higher percentage of the populace applauded the signing of the law, citing the act (Homosexualism) as strange, and against our culture and religion, very few Nigerians have otherwise reaction towards the new law. Notable among the “new” law critics is the award-winning broadcaster, Funmi Iyanda, who based her claim on Human rights violation and insensitivity of the government towards more pressing economic and security issues.

The Anti-Homosexual law also raised eyebrows among the international community especially from the Western region. Some of the western countries have issued threats and also planning to put out sanctions against Nigeria. According to the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr James Entwistle, The US government is to scale down its support for HIV/AIDS and anti-malaria programmes in Nigeria following President Goodluck Jonathan’s signing of the Same-Sex Prohibition Act 2014.
In a reaction against the new law, the Canadian government instantly cancelled a scheduled visit by President Jonathan to Canada.

If you will agree with me, It is actually illegal to spank children in many US states and in much of Europe and Nigerian parents have been arrested for motivating their children via spanking.
Now I begin to wonder, if foreign domains would not tolerate something that is part of our own culture and which has been used to positive effects by generations of Nigerians, why should we accept something that is not in our own culture in order to please others?

After engaging in much thoughts and reasoning, I concluded that it is high time we stopped being “extremely dependent” on foreign countries for our survival. I mean! we import almost everything in this country and even shun the usage of some locally made goods. Government should “systematically” encourage locally made goods and also engaging in massive and sustainable development of our natural resources for both local and export purposes. Only then we can “reclaim” our lost glory of being the Giant Of Africa!

In times like this, with threats and sanctions and pressures from outside world, Nigeria and indeed Nigerians should wake up and pick our way through the path of “True Leadership” and “True Followership” owning in mind the hope of lifting up our beloved nation once again.
Lastly, I hope the Leadership will turn a new leaf and begin to understand that they are not in that positions for themselves but to work for the masses because the masses are their employer. Also the Followership, in the words of John F. Kennedy, should ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country.

Olabanji Olatomirin is a passing out Batch A 2013/2014 Youth Corp Member serving in abuja.
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