NNPC said Kerosene is 50naira in Nigeria, is that true?

Fellow Nigerians, the General Manager of Public Relations Department of the NNPC, Umar Farouk Ibrahim just made a comment on Channels tv programme, SUNRISE, he said kerosene are being sold at 50naira per litre all over NNPC mega stations.

I don’t knw how true is this, that’s why I’m posting this question to us. IS KEROSENE BEING SOLD AT A SUBSIDISED PRICE IN NIGERIA?

olatomirinblog learnt that there was a presidential directive in 2009 by late president Yar’adua that all subsidy on kerosene should be quashed and removed. But Umar Ibrahim said such directive hasn’t been made known to NNPC, meaning NNPC has actually been paying subsidy for kerosene (which has been removed by Yar’adua).

What is your reaction to this fellow Nigerian? Is kerosene sold at 50naira in your area?


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